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Freedom - Essay Example

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Name of Student Course Instructor Date Personal Freedom As the forces of change redefine societal beliefs and expectations terms such as individualism, egoism, and uniqueness are creating paradigm shifts in the assumed roles of people. The shifts in thinking are resulting in a re-evaluation of how human beings think and what role humans have in the hierarchical structure of society…
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Broaching such a topic is almost impossible because personal freedom is relatively young concept when compared against the backdrop of time. The concept is a modern day complexity because over the course of human existence personal freedom was not a reality. The evolution of human society prior to the last 200 years had a societal hierarchy in which those in power, with status, gold and silver exercised personal freedom; those members of society without were obligated to those with wherewithal and the illusion of freedom was not a consideration. According to the United States Declaration of Independence personal freedom by definition is “The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Declaration of Independence). Implied is the ability to pursue happiness by living life in a manner that does not impose or infringe on the well-being and rights of others while living within the confines of the governing laws. The ideals of pursuing happiness and liberty from an individual perspective have the potential to create havoc because happiness to one person may not be happiness to another. In contrast, the opposite of personal freedom is slavery or “human trafficking” another modern day term, or the oppression of “Jim Crow” laws, and the current politically motivated attempts to exclude and prevent certain groups from voting in the upcoming elections. Each of these examples depicts the removal or hindrance of personal freedom and the right to live freely. To some degree politics, economics, culture, leisure indulgences, educational opportunities, or the varying religious beliefs are each attributes of personal freedom. However, in theory personal freedom is an illusion because individuals living and doing as he or she pleases has restraints. Society’s laws and regulations dictate to what extent personal freedom can be expressed; going outside of the allowable boundaries results in punishment for infractions with severe consequences in certain circumstances. Similarly, aside from governmental laws and rules that govern the influence of culture on the expression of personal freedom presents additional constraints as well. Take for instance in America families have the personal freedom to decide how many children to have, but as a stark cultural contrast in the People’s Republic of China families are restricted by government regulations to only one child (Rosenberg). Whereas the motivation for the policy has intrinsic value clearly personal freedom to choose is restricted because of the imposing regulations for the benefit of the community at large. Theorists such as Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Henry James (1843-1916) debated the veracity of personal freedom because of the hierarchical design of the economic structure within society. James believed that true personal freedom was an impossibility citing the controls of government resembling that of a “Puppeteer manipulating the populace” (qtd. in Koopman 177). Moltmann presented the argument that personal freedom cannot exist because individuals are members of a larger network or group and inexplicably members of the community of human beings. His philosophy was valid in that individuals cannot experience a true state of individuality or personal freedom due to the invisible connections that binds ... Read More
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However, many scholars define freedom as the exercise of ones whishes and actions without restriction. In this definition, culture influences the manner in which people exercise their freedom by forming general rules and directions whether consciously or unconsciously through which external pressures exert control.
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Thus, Americans see freedom as the most essential ingredient in human life, both socially and politically. Tracing the American history of freedom, it can be seen that while the white Americans have faced problems in America under British colonization, Black Americans remained imprisoned in the name of slavery, denied of all rights.
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Government was also supporting the racism. Native Son seems like a thriller, a perception of political and deep involvement of personal characteristics, page to page separating the black American suffering before getting civil rights that is sympathetic and also terrifying at many places and in events.
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Economic freedom
This essay analyzes the concept of economic freedom. The participants are free from any want whatsoever, and they are free to participate in collective bargaining. This is because the concept of free markets focuses on the need of people being free to consume, buy or sell and producing any goods and services that are available.
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The international covenant on civil and political rights (ICCPR) recognizes the freedom of expression as to having right to holding opinions without interference. The right to speech and expression is related to other rights and it is always limited when in conflict with other rights.
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Words are, after all, are symbols of ideas for the use of language and communication. Thusly, the meaning and idea of freedom is complex and can be applied to many manifestations of such ideas. According to the most recent edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, freedom is defined as "the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action or the liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another." The secondary definition was that of being a political or legal right.
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Freedom Rider
I want them to know that our skin color does not reflect the color of our soul and just like a well that is dug so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom, our skin color reflects the depth of our race, our history, our
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Who on earth would not want to achieve his desires without having to face any hurdle? I believe that every single being on this planet would wish to
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The author of the text provides some ideas that describe the notion of freedom from different sides. For example, Carl Marx states that freedom is blended the community and cannot be enjoyed individually unless the whole community has freedom. However, common citizens do not have individual liberty unless they are in the ruling class.
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John Winthrop did not portray his determination to fight for freedom through governing alone; remarkably, unlike Anne Hutchinson and Nathaniel Bacon, he also wrote many journals and other works as a
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