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Scholarship Essay example - Application

Business school
Scholarship Essay
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For as long as I can remember, I have yearned to be a successful woman and accountant in the business arena; even as a small child I used to love to play shop or banker with numbers and pretend money. As an adult I no longer play with my aspirations, instead I am studying to become a qualified accountant at Colstate Eastbay College in Hayward, San Jose…

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My grades are good and I make every effort to better myself with every new task I undertake, in an effort to benefit as much as I possibly can from my BS study program. I understand that an accountant in today’s environment needs to be well educated and keep abreast of new technologies and environments as they arise, and it is my desire to further develop my knowledge and abilities in the accountancy field by undertaking further studies once I finish my Bachelor degree and attain a CPA license. To me learning does not stop when I graduate but is only the first step in a life time of learning. I was born into a very poor Vietnamese household and my parents divorced soon after; although both my parents had little and because my older sister and myself lived with my father, he had to work long hours for what we did have. Both parents endeavored to give my sister and myself as much as they could; we never felt that we had to go without although they themselves went without much. ...
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