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Sample Questions 1. Each upward movement of the _____ causes the stereocilia of the inner hair cells to bend, opening ___ gates.  a.  basilar membrane; K+ b. tectorial membrane; K+ c. vestibular membrane; K+ d. basilar membrane; Na+ e. tectorial membrane; Na+ 2…

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a. a sprint by an Olympic runner b. a long, relaxing swim c. throwing a baseball d. weight training 4. The velocity of blood flow decreases when  a. Viscosity increases. b. Blood pressure increases. c. Vessel radius increases. d. Afterload increases. e. vasomotion decreases 5. The ability to see color is the due to a. rods b. cones c. rhodopsin d. Both A and C e. Both B and C 6. Stimuli produced by sound waves reach the brain following the pathway:  a. cochlear duct ? spiral organ ? ossicles ? oval window ? auditory canal ? tympanic membrane ? fibers of cochlear nerve b. auditory canal ? tympanic membrane ? oval window ? cochlear duct ? ossicles ? spiral organ ? fibers of cochlear nerve c. cochlear duct ? oval window ? auditory canal ? tympanic membrane ? ossicles ? spiral organ ? fibers of cochlear nerve d. tympanic membrane ? auditory canal ? ossicles ? oval window ? cochlear duct ? spiral organ ? fibers of cochlear nerve e. auditory canal ? tympanic membrane ? ossicles ? oval window ? cochlear duct ? spiral organ ? fibers of cochlear nerve 7. Opening and closing of the heart valves is caused by  a. Breathing. b. Gravity. c. Valves contracting and relaxing. d. Osmotic gradients. e. Pressure gradients. 8. Rank the following steps in order (2 pts). ___4_ Myosin heads bind to actin forming a cross-bridge. ...
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