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There is absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors. This automatically projects a sense of purpose and honesty on the part of those that have put up this website (AORN Journal, 2011). Authority The website looks to be reputable as the declared intention of the website is socially beneficial without any apparent intentions of duping an unsuspecting visitor. The news items are generally those released by the FDA, so the accuracy and credibility of those are beyond question. Moreover, the contact details of the authors and their educational qualifications, which are very much related to the topic, are clearly mentioned thus eliminating any sense of vagueness and opacity in the matter that is presented in the website (Malghan & Murphey, 2011). The simple yet effective image of OR nurses in action wearing their trademark masks immediately conveys a sense of seriousness and purpose to the entire website. A casual visitor is immediately struck by the image and realizes that this website means business. This is the main reason for it to be a well respected and extremely credible website (Harris, 2010). Objectivity The website does not provide any form of value judgment on the information provided on its pages, except where it states the benefits of being a member of OR nurses community. ...
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Evaluation of Websites The website that will be evaluated has the URL: http:/ Evaluation of the website has been done according to the following criteria: Domain The domain of the current website is .org which gives it a comparatively higher level of credibility…
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