Discuss the impact and importance the strategic bombing campaign had on Germany and Japan's ability to wage war.

Discuss the impact and importance the strategic bombing campaign had on Germany and Japan
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One major allegation that arose against the Western forces in the post World War II era was that the air raids that were carried out by them, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were unnecessary evils that they imposed on the innocent people of Germany and Japan.


One aspect was that the strategic bombing campaign “did hut morale [of the Nazi leadership] severely, and the leadership, drawing on its belief that Germany had lost the war because of a collapse of civilian morale, cast its response in accordance with a popular mood that demanded retaliation.”2 Martel has described the air campaign by the Allied forces in the World War II as “remorseless” which points to the intensity of those air attacks and causalities that were caused.3 The air attacks were so exhaustive that by October 1945, only a few rail tracks and similar, less sensitive targets, were remaining to be bombed.4 The “most damaging single raid” in the war prior to the use of atom bombs was the bombing carried out in Tokyo which killed around 80,000 people and also destroyed about 300000 buildings.5 It was a fact that, “within areas devastated by attacks, substantial slow downs in production occurred.”6 Murray and Millet have also revealed that, the production of war-related materials in Germany was retarded by the air strikes.7 The air raids from the side of Japanese forces were also having their impact on the resistance power of Britain as well. ...
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