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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Comparison and Contrast between Two Opposing Views on Divorce Divorce in modern society is often considered as the unexpected necessity. On one hand, there are mounting negative consequences of divorce on family and society. But, on the other hand, it is the safest way to set the quarrelling parties of a marriage free from the deadlock…

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According to the contra-divorce view, family is the smallest but the most important unit of a society, it has a huge impact on various social constructs and, at the same time, it plays significant and crucial roles in shaping a child’s mind during its earliest years. The process of socialization, which decides who and what a man will be, starts from this smallest unit of society. But inevitably this familial organization significantly depends on the marital bond between a man and a woman for its existence in modern society. Consequently, divorce is considered to be a direct blow on this important societal unit. Divorce hampers a child’s harmonious mental and physical development. Family is accepted as a man’s first and foremost efficient training center through which a child becomes familiar and learns to revere the morals, rules, and regulations of the society. It is the family in which a child gets the fundamental behavioural patterns that tend to be further shaped by other social institutions such as religious convictions, educational, political systems, etc. The issue of children’s welfare and strong marital bond are related to each other. ...
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