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So which one is better – a serial killer or a terrorist? – Neither, of course. Furthermore, actions of a terrorist can even be justified – he fights for an idea or belief, thus trying to achieve some positive for own nation goal. As for executing terrorists, I don’t think they should be treated in any way worse than all the other criminals. If a terrorist has killed some people, punish him just like any other person that killed as many people would be punished. If nobody died, punish the terrorist just like any other person that has attempted to conduct a murder would be punished. Death penalty, in my opinion, is not a solution to the problem – terrorists will eagerly die for their ideas. Therefore, put them in jail and make work for the good of the nation they hate till the end of their days. This, I believe, will be the worst punishment for those who attempted to or killed the people of your country. ...Show more


Terrorism Acts of terrorism can be said to be a violent crime against a nation. Being a crime, I believe, such acts should be treated just like other common-law crimes. Terrorists, therefore, should be punished in the same way other criminals are punished…
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These factors include; religious beliefs, discriminatory stereotypes, and psychological abnormalities among other things. Despite these factors serving as the motive behind a terrorist’s actions, belief proves to be the fuel behind these factors. Belief refers to a conviction or faith held by a person about certain issues.
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This movement did not use militants and guns but used legal briefs and the uniform commercial code. They believed they were kings and queens, and nobody was allowed to tax them. The U.S government was viewed as a foreign corporation and did not have citizens, but franchises.
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Terrorism is an act which is of a criminal nature that has an intention of provoking a state of political, ideological, ethnic, religious and political justification according to the study work of Combs (2012). Terrorism involves the use of threats to cause violence and use of actual violence for no justifiable reason, symbolism is also an aspect in terrorism.
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However, not enough attention is given to the divergent forms of terrorism and the fact that different terrorists have different reasons for carrying out terror attacks. By focusing on the analysis and comparison of state, left-wing versus right wing, and religious terrorism, this paper will elucidate on these types of terrorism and help explicate on how one act of terrorism differs from the other.
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Through their unconventional cell structure, al-Qaeda was able to avoid this tradeoff to some extent, having both a relatively high lethality and survivability. But this tradeoff has come back to haunt them in non-conventional warfare. In essence, CBRNE/WMD attacks by terrorists could be highly deadly but are not likely to be very frequent; meanwhile, cyber-attacks are likely to be frequent but are not likely to cascade to do very much damage.
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Undoubtedly, terrorism is wrong because it promotes violence, targets innocent civilians, and justifies the use of violence based on religion. One of the foremost problems concerning terrorism is the fact that it promotes violence. Violence is never an answer to any issue and is against the morals of humanity.
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