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Research Paper example - Terrorism

Research Paper
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Terrorism Acts of terrorism can be said to be a violent crime against a nation. Being a crime, I believe, such acts should be treated just like other common-law crimes. Terrorists, therefore, should be punished in the same way other criminals are punished…

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So which one is better – a serial killer or a terrorist? – Neither, of course. Furthermore, actions of a terrorist can even be justified – he fights for an idea or belief, thus trying to achieve some positive for own nation goal. As for executing terrorists, I don’t think they should be treated in any way worse than all the other criminals. If a terrorist has killed some people, punish him just like any other person that killed as many people would be punished. If nobody died, punish the terrorist just like any other person that has attempted to conduct a murder would be punished. Death penalty, in my opinion, is not a solution to the problem – terrorists will eagerly die for their ideas. Therefore, put them in jail and make work for the good of the nation they hate till the end of their days. This, I believe, will be the worst punishment for those who attempted to or killed the people of your country.
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Strongly believing in the cause a person is fighting for, therefore, proves to be the key factor that drives a person into committing acts of terror.2 From a psychological standpoint, it becomes clear the influence people’s beliefs have on their actions. Prominent, social Psychologists advance that people conform to the beliefs of a group in order to find acceptance from other members.…
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