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University life - Essay Example

This essay considers my challenges in terms of the course curriculum and the ways it effected my intellectual development. One of the major elements related to my intellectual journey at Tennessee Tech University has been developing my own independence and study schedule. While in high school there was homework assigned, the majority of learning occurred inside the classroom. I found college markedly different as the classes only met a few times a week and as such the majority of learning was accomplished outside the classroom. In these regards, I was forced to utilize my extra free time outside the classroom in productive and well-structured ways. Rather than using the majority of my free time for spending time with friends or messing around on the internet, I learned to structure my day to include studying to an adequate extent. This allowed me to be successful in my classes and deal with the challenges of the college environment. Another aspect of my intellectual development at Tennessee Tech University was dealing with the actual content. While I oftentimes found my high school courses challenging, when dealing with the educational content within these college courses I recognized that it was oftentimes presented in a different way.

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While I recognized that leaving high school for Tennessee Tech University would be a truly life-changing experience, as I entered Tech and ventured through this semester I experienced tremendous development…
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University life essay example
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