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Children with Disabilities – Relevance of Communication between Parents and School Introduction With regard to meeting the learning needs of children with disabilities, it is of paramount relevance that there is healthy communication between the concerned parents and school.


Studies by Carl Dunst Carl Dunst, backed by the studies carried out by him, states that sound communication between the parents and the school is of utmost importance. This communication would make sure that parents are in a position to reinforce the things the child learnt in school. As a matter of fact, all that becomes even more vital when the children in question are bogged down by disabilities, and hence have some specialized needs. Dunst also observed that the principle of “Keep it Situational and Simple” (KISS) is being adhered to by many parents, whose children are disabled. This principle speaks of learning activities where the children are encouraged to participate. (1) Observations of Douma, Dekker and Koot J C Douma, M C Dekker and H M Koot conducted an extensive study about the needs of parents with disabled children. They found out that, such parents are consistently bogged down by intense stress, while dealing with their children. In addition, this study also pointed out that, these parents are in dire need of support, which is inclusive of a “friendly ear”. “Friendly ear” refers to any form of service & support related to caring of disabled children, and which first aptly understands the problems faced by parents. These services first intently and empathetically listen to the parents, and are hence addressed by that term (friendly ear). ...
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