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Altering Medicines Altering Medicines The article, ‘our medicines are altering marine biology’ published in Los Angeles Times on February, 2008 reports about how untreated hormone-altering chemical pollutants contaminate the waters in coastal oceans. The report tells about how sewage treatment plants fail to treat the pollutants of the sewage based on the results revealed by the California based toxicologist at a conference held in Boston.


The study of the California based toxicologist indicates that seawater is found to contain pollutants such as plastic additives, flame retardants, and pharmaceutical drugs in high proportion than permitted by the authorities. These pollutants are now showing up in fish tissues as well. It also revealed that high level of female hormone called estrogen is also found in male fish, may be due to some hormone-altering chemicals causing this change. It further stated that as much as 90% of the male fish were found producing egg yolk proteins and one of them even produced eggs. The study also indicated that usual method of diluting pollution with a vast amount of seawater was not a right way to get rid of these new kinds of contaminants. Steven Bay, a toxicologist by profession, is of the view that this study is likely to trigger a new policy debate on incorporating new sewage-treatment methods and facilities. The reasons for the contamination lies in 1 billion gallons of partially treated sewage that flows into the sea every day from four major streams of area. The scientific study done by the researchers is alarming in the sense that how our ecological system is in peril. The reasons of extinction of many species from our planet are not hard to find. ...
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