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PowerPoint Presentation example - Benifits and Disadvantages of Coaching

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PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits associated with the coaching are far more than the disadvantages. They easily outweigh the scantly disadvantages. Some of the potential benefits of coaching are as follows: Coaching is a means of spread of knowledge…

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Knowledge gets transferred from one individual to another through the process of coaching. It is partly different from teaching in that in coaching, the tutor essentially adopts such a behavior that makes him/her the role model for the learners whereas in the course of learning, the tutor just has more knowledge about the subject as compared to the learners. He/she may not at all be involved in the subject of discussion. All that matters is the conveyance of knowledge to the learners whereas in coaching, the coach essentially tells the followers how to do a certain task. It involves display of certain characteristics that are consistent with the demand of the subject of discussion. Therefore, a coach assumes the responsibility to behave and act professionally so that he/she may rationally decide what to deliver when, how and how much. The same professionalism is inculcated in the followers as they accede to the instructions of the coach. Coaching provides the learners with an opportunity to identify their weaknesses and discover their strengths with the guidance of the coach. Coaching is a coherent process whose various stages are sensibly linked to each other. In the initial stage of coaching, the coach tells the followers what is expected of them once they master a certain art. ...
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