The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands - Literature review Example

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The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands

Current paper focuses on the examination of the perceptions of Saudi consumers on international brands. Particular emphasis is given on the confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international clothing brands. The literature published in regard to this subject is critically analyzed aiming to identify the views of Saudi consumers on the seasonal sales developed by the international brands. The performance of international brands in the Saudi market is examined; due to the lack of adequate material on the views of Saudi consumers on seasonal sales, an effort has been made to cover the relevant gap by analyzing the criteria on which the choice of consumers on international brands is based. The strategies used by marketers for increasing the trust of consumers to various products/ services are also analyzed. Furthermore, the international brands of firms operating in the clothing industry in Saudi Arabia are presented. It is proved that the marketing strategies used in Saudi Arabia for the promotion of these brands have certain characteristics; moreover, it is made clear that the marketing policies used in Saudi Arabia for the promotion of these brands are quite effective. Significant prospects exist for further growth of the firms operating in the particular sector of the Saudi market. 2. ...
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The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands. 1. Introduction The trends in consumer behavior are not standardized worldwide – even for products/ services with similar characteristics. The reason is that, in each country, the preferences of consumers are likely to be influenced by the local ethics and culture…
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