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To consider what it means for Jesus to be “the son of God” in Christian theology can lead to different interpretation based on the school or church which the believer belongs to or derives teachings from personally. To see Jesus as the son of God is to recognize him as the founder of one of the world’s great religions, a holy prophet with a divine mission and message. This view is also to see Jesus’ teachings as forming the basis of morality in human civilization and as a mediating agent of afterlife or heaven. To view Jesus as a direct son of God is one way to approach and understand the power and majesty of his life, teaching, and ministry on earth, as well as to place faith in the heavenly afterlife where his full glory would be manifest in ways different than it can be experienced materially. To view Jesus as son of God is to view his teachings as proceeding from a source that is equivalent with the primordial force of creation in the universe, and the being that sustains all life through loving-kindness and care. As found in Matthew 1:1-2:12; Mark 1:1-20; Luke 1:1-2:52; John 1:1-18, and other scriptural chapters, to view Jesus as the Son of God awakens the soul of the individual to the ability to return to God’s full glory and grace through the purification of the being from sin. ...Show more


Religion and Theology Name: Class: Date: 06/21/11 Table of Contents I. Introduction 2 II. The Gospel of John - Jesus' Command to Love One Another 2 III. The Early Christian Church of Acts 5 IV. The Theology of Paul in Romans 8 V. The Book of Revelations and the "Second Coming" of Jesus 11 VI…
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