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Scientific Notation

The practical advantages of scientific notation in our modern society are best described in terms of the various human discoveries. For instance, it is important that small things such as atoms or molecules should be quantified in order to measure their mass or weight. In the same manner, it would be too complex to write their exact weight or amount considering that they can be too small in number. The perfect way to describe their weights or any quantifiable information about them is to use a scientific notation. For instance, the mass of a hydrogen atom is 0.00000000000000000000000167 kg. By looking at this number, it sounds that hydrogen atom is really small to the extent that it cannot be seen by a naked eye. However, it would be important to give a systematic way of reading this number because it cannot be difficult to read at all. People will just be given the information how small a hydrogen atom is, but cannot actually read how small really it is. ...
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Numbers can be infinite. They can be too large or small. In this manner, it would be impractical to write them in such a way that it would take time and may be prone to mistakes. …
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