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‘Serving in Florida’ by Barbara Ehrenreich. - Assignment Example

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The appalling working conditions and the hard efforts by people working in low-wage jobs to make ends meet, are described from a personal perspective by Barbra Ehrenreich in ‘Serving in Florida’. Ehrenreich employs her observations and compares her hapless situation with others that are working in similar conditions. …

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‘Serving in Florida’ by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Barbara Ehrenreich works as a waitress in Hearthside restaurant. Her job is exhausting and the manager makes sure that even when there is no work to be done, the workers are kept busy. The workplace has a tensed environment and she discovers that the opinions of employees are not considered at all. She finds the attitude of her manager towards his staff insulting; for instance, one day he gathers them in the kitchen and warns them about the terrible consequences because some sort of drug activity had been discovered in the restaurant. She and others continue to work even in such pathetic conditions for their survival. She conducts a survey to find out that housing is the biggest issue for everyone. In desperation, she starts looking for another job and gets hired in Jerry’s. That job is equally pathetic and she has to quit her first job because she could not manage two exhaustive jobs. The appalling working conditions and the hard efforts by people working in low-wage jobs to make ends meet, are described from a personal, yet factual perspective by Barbra Ehrenreich in ‘Serving in Florida’. Surviving in such conditions needs immense will power and determination; and people working in such circumstances have to compromise a lot on their basic rights like food, housing, respect, relationships etc. ...
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