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Strategic Management

Barriers against International Trade Critics believe that factors that influence international trade undermine globalisation (Haberberg and Rieple, 2007:8). The factors include tariffs, licenses, embargos, and investment and exchange control with a view of protecting trade in the international market. The above factors influence the entry behaviour into the international market. Economic analysts have identified reasons behind the resistance to globalisation. These reasons are environmental influences that emanate due to international trade, employment abuses, and perceived inequality of benefits derived from globalisation. Many countries show concern about the treatment that their citizens get whenever they operate in the international scene. Conflicts that arise due to poor treatment may justify resistance to efforts towards globalisation. Benefits derived from the global market are very crucial to globalisation. The players in the international scene bring low-income countries and the developed countries. The transactions between these two groups usually differ. Economists have demonstrated that the benefits that developed nations acquire in the international market are higher when compared to low income countries. ...
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Strategic Management Globalisation Globalisation leads to a reduction in the segments of various markets, which emanates from an increase in the homogenisation of consumer’s preferences and taste. The process of globalisation increases interdependency within the national markets…
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