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Suicide is one of the controversial issues in the criminal justice systems of many states. This is because many views are held by different people regarding the right to take one's own life. Suicide involves taking ones life intentionally as a result of contemplation on his or her life, and finding that the most appropriate thing to do is to put life to an end.


In many situations, the sensitivity of a person to the opinion of other people in regard to the failures of an individual leads to suicidal thoughts. Suicide victims are usually prosecuted for attempting to take their own life. This essay is a critique of whether a person has a right to die upon wish. It focuses on individual rights for a person to be what he/she is, and the right to terminate life when one finds it necessary.
Arguments of suicide as a crime have generated many different opinions. In many countries especially in the west, criminalization of suicide was seen as one way of accomplishing the role of states in protecting life. Governments have a role to protect the life of citizens, and there are usually no provisions of the kinds of death that people should be protected from. However, the topic usually generates criticisms especially when a person uses suicide as a long term solution to unending personal problems. In essence, it is true that an individual needs to be allowed to do whatever he wishes with his/her life so long as he does not interfere with the rights and freedoms of others. Once a person commits suicide, he/she terminates his own life without interfering with other people's freedom. ...
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