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Suicide is one of the controversial issues in the criminal justice systems of many states. This is because many views are held by different people regarding the right to take one’s own life. Suicide involves taking one's life intentionally as a result of contemplation on his or her life, and finding that the most appropriate thing to do is to put life to an end. People may do it because of depression, embarrassment or humiliation, remorse and extreme anxiety among other reasons. Governments have a role in protecting the lives of citizens, and there are usually no provisions of the kinds of death that people should be protected from. Suicide is one of the controversial issues in criminal justice. Criminalization of suicide raises questions as to whether a person does not have freedom over his life so long as it does not affect the freedoms of others. People usually commit suicide as a solution to problems that they face in life. Incarceration does not help them to solve these problems. It escalates the problem leading to more desire to die. However, the death of a parent through suicide denies the children the right to grow up under the care of a parent and may necessitate prevention of suicide. Many criminal justice systems globally criminalize suicide while they legalize voluntary euthanasia, which leads to inconsistencies in approaching issues regarding the rights and freedoms of a person over his/her life. However, each person needs to be allowed ownership of oneself and personal freedom to decide on whether to live or die. ...
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This essay describes focuses on individual rights for a person to be what he/she is, and the right to terminate life.The topic usually generates criticisms especially when a person uses suicide as a long term solution to unending personal problems. …
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