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Essay example - Society and Desire

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SOCIOLOGY. This new science is generally known as the study of society where a man or a woman lives in. what is also studied what he or she does in the society or environment that he lives in. The sociologist is the scientist that studies what are common and unorthodox reactions a man or woman does in any society situation(Kirby,81-96)…

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The Sociologist studies the also the global interactions between and among persons from different countries around the world. Sociology is the study of each member of the society. Therefore, sociology is the study of the social lives of groups, societies and people often called social interaction.
DESIRE. According to Leonard Erogatis, Ph.D.,(Erogatis, 86-111) he stated that he stated on Oct 19, 2006 that when a man desires to have a sexual drive than a woman, his desire is more intense than a woman's sexual desire.
The sociological question of what happens biologically when a woman desires(Foucault, 1-13) to have sex. The research was done in Australia to determine whether the physical characteristics and actions of her sexual partner was a factor for her to desire the sexual advances or whether the sexual desire was a combination of both the sexual partner and her internal biological drives.
The Australian study was done on woman from many countries. The results were astoundingly the same with women from many countries. One of the findings was that the women interchanged the word desire with sexual arousal especially when women talked about responsive desire that followed after her sexual partner continuously stimulated her sexual desire. Women were talking about their ability to become sexually aroused. ...
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