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Liberal and radical feminism - Article Example

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Feminism has been one of the most important social movements that have emerged in the modern times. The study behind this phenomenon has been turned into a major field as scholars from many disciplines and in many countries have sought to explore the ways in which women's oppression has been studied, analyzed, discussed, then resisted these past years…

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Liberal and radical feminism

This paper will explore the two variations of feminism: liberal feminism and radical feminism. Another purpose of this study is to present a comparison, particularly of the differences in their objectives, strategies and perspectives on several issues.
In order to fully understand the subject matter, it is imperative to define what feminism is. A classical definition of feminism states that it is a movement to achieve the social, political, and economic equality of women with men. (Lind and Brzuzy 2008, p. 512) Feminism, of course cannot be defined as the theory about gender difference because that would be the concern of biology. Feminism is a political theory of why and how the male sex exercises power over the female sex in actuality and symbolically and that it is a social movement that challenges this domination, creating a new political identity for those who engage in it. Michael Foley (1994) wrote that feminism is distinguished from doctrines of class or national liberation on two counts: As a theory of women's liberation, it cannot be universal; it does not offer men a theory of self-realization. Secondly, feminists have not sought self-realization through the establishment of an endogenous, territorial, sovereign state. (p. 80)
Although feminism may hav ...
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