Women in advertising commercials

High school
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This study examines the perceptions of students regarding the use of women in television advertising. This is important because using women in advertising is considered one of the most controversial issues in contemporary marketing, whilst students are one of the most important demographic groups as they tend to be more flexible and liberal in the way they think (Pietkiewicz, 2008).


The purpose of this research project was to identify the influence of one's gender on perception when viewing a woman appearing in an advertisement. This analysis is achieved through a careful review of the available literature, a series of case studies and a comparison of 50 completed questionnaires representing primary data. The results reveal that there are indeed gender differences in how people perceive women used in advertising and that these differences are sometimes surprising. It also reveals a significant difference in the way that minority cultures perceive women's use in advertising as compared to white cultural perceptions. According to Wolin (2003), gender appears to be an important factor when planning a communication strategy yet this study reveals that race is also an important consideration. This study can inform design managers working to develop effective communication strategies. Moreover, it can increase media and marketing students' understanding of the various perspectives regarding the use of women in advertising commercials. ...
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