Managing people

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The most productive organization is typically one in which all of the various teams involved in the organization's daily business can work together effectively and efficiently. This is true both on the macro level, in which all teams must work effectively and efficiently with other teams within the organization, as well as on the micro level, in which it is important for each team to have internal cooperation for maximum benefit.


To determine a team's effectiveness, it is necessary to take a look at a variety of factors as well. These include the type of organization, type of employee (volunteer or compensated), the objectives of the stakeholders and the personalities that are involved at all levels. Evaluating the team's effectiveness at XYZ Newspapers, Inc., it is possible to identify several key management theories at work even as the team represents several positive and some negative aspects of effective team operation.
XYZ Newspapers is a small newspaper chain specializing in small town, local news coverage. As a result, teams are primarily independent of each other, only finding it necessary to coordinate efforts on sporadic larger advertising campaigns or weekly print operations. Occasionally, it becomes necessary for one team member from one office to assist in another office when another team member is ill or on holiday or when several significant events are occurring in one town, such as a heavy sports weekend. Although most team members are compensated to some degree, some are compensated on a contributor basis while others are considered actual employees, paid at a part-time or full-time rate. ...
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