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Parent-Child Interaction - Assignment Example

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Juvenile delinquency is a serious problem for parents. It is a major cause of concern. Most of the time, parents seek professional help for their children. There are also instances when the problems of adolescents do not go to the extent of harming others or committing crimes…

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Parent-Child Interaction

These problems or their manifestations go unnoticed by parents. Parents oftentimes think that their children are ok if they don't receive any reports of wrongdoings from other people. As parents, you should always be vigilant and concerned about your child's needs and activities both inside and outside the house.
Adolescents, though not children anymore, still need the love, care and attention of parents. They undergo physical changes like puberty and the psychological effects that go with it, but they still remain to be the individuals who need guidance and help from the people around them, most importantly the parents.
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