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Essay example - Viewer Preference

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One of the major factors that creates perception and makes a viewer choose a certain channel over the other is its sense of belonging to the channel. This sense of belonging can emerge from the emotional attachment that the viewer develops with the channels through its program; a person would only watch a program to which he can relate to the most…

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Diversity basically displays the respect for the audience, it shows that every member in the audience is equally important and the channel would want to cater to each and every individual. It is also a great tool to retain the viewers to a particular channel as they now have different things to look forward to rather than the monotonous programming. Innovation is the main tool to attract audiences; people always appreciate innovation and hard work. It creates a sense of curiosity among the audience and forces them to keep coming back to the channel; people would stick to one channel if they are offered something out of the ordinary after certain time intervals (Alpert, 1992). The perception of being innovative gives the channel a positive word of mouth among the viewers, this becomes the source of advertisement for the channel, and people would prefer watching a channel that was recommended by their peers rather than some critic's recommendation or even a conventional advertisement. One of the major factors that channels loose viewers to other channels is the lack of originality; channels in their urge to be recognized as innovative get carried away at times and start copying which is not appreciated by the majority as the 'me too' approach appears to be an act of desperation especial. ...
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