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There are 6,5 milliards of people living on our earth, and every one of them has his/her own life history, a combination of circumstances, backgrounds and factors that make every person unique and valuable. In my opinion, the more experiences you have during your lifetime, the more people and places you meet, the more skilled and valuable professional you become.


Helping people who are in need, who suffer physically, mentally, or economically is one of the most powerful instruments for making the surrounding reality better.
That's why I've always tried to explore as much spheres, as possible, to get new knowledge about the world around me, to understand people that surround me. And, I believe that if you are involved in something, you should always try to achieve the best result possible. Our life is too short to spend it for doing things low-grade.
This combination of beliefs was what helped me to achieve high academic results. On graduating from school, I received academic awards for Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Economics and in 2003 received a credit award for the Chemistry Olympiad. Taking part in the 2004 Genethics competition was very rewarding as it involved discussing the ethical issues associated with human genetics and submitting an essay exploring a hypothetical scenario. I was in the top 6 in Queensland and was selected to present my essay at the state finals. Delivering my views to a large audience boosted my confidence and I enjoyed discussing the issues with my peers.
During my years in high school, Medicine and Economics were two fields of my main career interest. ...
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