Johnny Lechner

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Johnny Lechner has been at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater for twelve years in various undergraduate courses, and by switching majors has deliberately not graduated despite having more than double the credits required to do so. Being an in-state student he was the beneficiary of tuition subsidies till last year, when the Wisconsion Board of Regents imposed a surcharge virtually doubling tuition for students who exceed 165 credits.


The decision of almost doubling the fees has come possibly in reaction to Lechner's long stay at the institution, and Wisconsinites have dubbed it the Johnny Lechner rule. It is a valid decision, one that will encourage students to treat colleges and universities for what they are, venues for focused learning, for quenching intellectual thirst and gearing an individual towards becoming a useful member of the society. There are those that consider that this decision will be hard on those like Lechner.
In Lechner's defense, it must be said that he has paid his own fees for the last ten years, by working part time in order to support himself and through student loans, since his parents supported him only for the first two years of his college life. A man can strive to learn more and more for the sake of learning itself, and here is a man that tries to do his bit for society, and volunteers with numerous organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the UW-Whitewater Prairie Restoration Project and Camp Getaway for inner-city Chicago children with AIDS. ...
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