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Multiculturalism - Essay Example

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Multiculturalism is one of the most vital means of warranting the, almost biological need, of human beings of cultural attachment, the need for one's identity that reassures them of their origin and yet often invariably leads to a global phenomenon called racism and loss of identity.

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But the self confessed belief in this liberated ideology that embraces pluralism and encourages multifariousness which is so intricately woven into the cultural fabric of our multi ethnic society, today, there exist certain muted deliberations that seek to question the near idealistic view of multiculturalism. One such need is the urge to associate one's identity to a more known and familiar culture or origin fuelled by the urgency to protect and validate one's culture and ethnic beliefs and traditions. Thus on one hand multiculturalism tends to harbor ideas of asserting freedom to pursue one's thoughts and beliefs and on the other lead to a global phenomenon called racism and tyranny leading to a grave loss of identity for the people belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.
The various literary works analyzed in the later sections of this essay discusses the socio political concept of multiculturalism as described by Samuel Selvon in The Lonely Londoners, and Hanif Kureishi in The Rainbow Sign and The Beautiful Launderette wherein the concept of racism, identity loss and discrimination are gently probed and analyzed from a non conformist perspective.
This substantiates the fact that individuals from multicultural backgrounds, including the author himself, desperately crave for secure roots that secures them a place, a notion or a cultural identity of their own. ...
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