Human Sexuality and Disability

Case Study
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Human sexuality is formed in social interaction in appliance with inter-subjective denotations, set down by the culture and inner subjective perception of individuals. The rationalization of culture brings community to a possibility to have social control over individuals through the sphere of sexual, private, and intimate.


Social control over sexuality, bound up with control over birthrate and morality, becomes a fundamental class and race marker, or just a kind of measure of normality.
It should be mentioned that sexuality of individuals with disabilities is mostly taken as taboo and avoided giving publicity, as well as gender identity is often represented as disabled, e. d. problematic.
In 1970'es the eugenics, was widely discussed. Eugenics is a movement during the early twentieth century aimed at maintaining genetically pure races; advocated the prohibition of interracial marriages as well as the sterilization of the mentally handicapped (Glossary, website at ). In works related to sexual education written that time, retardate people have been taken as deficient of gender identity and sexuality. As gar as gender difference appears in discursive notions, women with mental disabilities have been arrogated not only with promiscuity in sex, amorality and vulnerability, but also exceeding fertility that brings to begetting of mentally deficient seed.
According to Williams and Nind (1999), which have researched problems of women with learning difficulties, sexuality i ...
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