Is Virginia Woolf a Feminist Writer

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Virginia Woolf was an eminent 20th century British writer who used the theme of womanhood throughout her literary work. She illustrates how women interact with their societies or communities in general. The foundation for many of her essays and novels is showing how women feel (and behave) in a patriarchal world ("Virginia Woolf", np).


Her writing draws from her own life experience, but the text in itself is not purely autobiographical.
Does this style predispose Virginia Woolf as a feminist writer because she was female and wrote about issues that were important to women Is she still a feminist if her emotional dependence upon men was greater than her intellectual dependence (Allen, np.) Or through current retrospect, do we see her as a champion of feminism because she overcame the prevailing male attitudes within her family and society (by living an unconventional lifestyle) to write about what she thought was essential Critics offer the opinion that "her life has come to stand for a great deal; it has become a heavily loaded symbol in the current dialogues over gender, class, madness, and marriage. The famously gifted, original, neurotic, courageous, difficult, and very imperfect human being she once was has disappeared"(Allen, np).
Virginia Woolf gained prominence during the first-wave of political feminism in the early 20th century, but the major focus of this effort revolved around suffrage. Feminism today is defined by independence, equality, and the challenging of gender roles. ...
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