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DISC Personality Analysis

The parameters and factors that affect the individual, myself and my boss, have been listed down below and the same is used for further classifying which of the four types is dominating in our personality.
On self analysis, my behaviour pattern is generally open and direct. I indicate my preferences directly. I dress fashionably and appear pretty stylish. I love to have a stimulating work environment that would encourage working. I keep material personally and do not go about sharing with colleagues that easily. My place is cluttered and not really spick and span. I am a friendly person with keenness to make new friends. I do jobs swiftly and respond immediately to issues. I enjoy my interactions with people and give it utmost priority. Naturally, since I give respect to my interactions with people, any loss of prestige with my friends is my worst fear. When I am under pressure or tension, I retaliate by being sarcastic or attacking back at the people who are causing it to me. I would like to have my friend, people and colleagues recognise me for my work. I take time to understand the advantages of the work to my friends and clients. I try to understand who makes use of it and how and how do people benefit out of it. ...
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I employed DISC personality analysis methods to carry out an analysis of myself and my boss. DISC analysis is done on the basis of the four parameters and the score that an individual gets in each one of them is taken for further analysis of his psychological traits…
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