Leadership and Change

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In the simplest terms, leadership is the process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important goals. With the rapid technological changes, intense global competition and diverse workforces, it is very important to have leadership traits in the working environment.


The situation requires being alert to people needing changes and proactively respond to it.
While leadership and change have been analysed and discussed exhaustively using myriad theories and models, it has been widely accepted that no one theory or model is the unique solution. Leadership traits and change management are situation and individual based and being flexible to adapt and execute is the sure-fire way to success.
Recognising the power of the mind to dictate the actions and behaviour of the individual, NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is emerging as a method with a lot of promise. This is touted as a method of programming the mind, emphasizing the mind-body-spirit connection. The term, neuro-linguistic programming' is designed to embrace three ideas.
Sensory Acuity is essentially awareness to the factors around you. This enables the gathering of valuable feedback to the actions that in turn fine-tune the process of leadership and adaptation to change.
Behavioural flexibility is important because with dynamic situations, the ability to absorb, adapt and absorb are essential to arrive at the goal. Never being afraid to keep changing allows the solution to evolve naturally.
The awareness of the fact that people or events cannot be controlled by us but by a self-management, our responses to them can be managed. ...
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