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Genderfication in Police Services - Research Proposal Example

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Author : lorenzorosenbau
Research Proposal
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* to achieve a gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation balance across the rank and grade structure and specialist areas in line with the proportion of women in the economically active population
* to have a working environment and equipment of the right quality and standards to enable women to do their job professionally…

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Genderfication in Police Services

However despite these initial aims, gender inequality has continued. As a result the Equality Act 2006 has been introduced in recognition of the need for a radical new approach to gender equality.
In order to comply with the Equality Act 2006 all public authorities (such as Staffordshire Police and Authority) are required to meet a general duty. Basically, this means that we must consider the following areas when carrying out our day-to-day work:
Why do many police executives want to hire more women officers Here's an answer. Dollar for dollar, women officers cost substantially less than men in terms of excessive force payouts. This proposal describes research documenting that male officers cost on average over five and a half times more than female officers for court judgments and settlements involving excessive use of force. Data will also be reviewed from three major U.S. police departments and three civilian oversight boards revealing that women are significantly under-represented in both civilian complaints and sustained allegations of excessive force.
This under-representation takes into account the fact that women currently comprise approximately 13% of sworn law enforcement in large agencies across the country. ...
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