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on Child Development

One of the book's main ideas is the collective responsibility of the village, signifying the nation's role to the development of a dependent child. The idea here is that it takes more than a family to raise a child. Through her anecdotal illustrations, when she was breastfeeding Chelsea then, the child started foaming at the nose. The nurse noticed Clinton's mistake and informed her that her head should be lifted up, and through that simple correction, it was clear to her that people in the community inevitably help to raise a child ("Hilary," 2007).
Another idea is that of the contradicting interests of the corporate industries over the interests of the children for protection. One of the respectable passages from the very book to support the idea is that "mass consumerism and "adver-teasing" have parents competing with multinational corporations not only for their children's values and beliefs but for their health.
Clinton suggested in the book that community's participation is needed in order to help discipline and educate a child, and serve as parent's support wherever there could be shortcomings in raising one's own child. She clearly based her thoughts on her and the former U.S President's experience in raising Chelsea.
The idea of the book in engaging the whole community to be sensitive for a child's welfare is supported with psychol ...
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No man is an island. This seems to be the concept underlying the book It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us written by Hillary Rodham Clinton. The title came from the African proverb which states that "It takes a village to raise a child." According to Kerby Anderson (1996) the proverb represents a new paradigm of feminist and socialist thinking.
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