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Frankl's Notion of Life

Life will surely give joy and also pain, but meaning does not reside on it. Meaning resides on the very act that man makes in response to those different situations. Man has the power to give meaning to his own life. He has the power to transcend even the most difficult state of suffering.
Frankl viewed man with responsibility. Responsibility entails that man has the freedom and is the author of his life. Man is the sculpture of the meaning of his life and has the capacity to give meaning amidst suffering. Responsibility also entails that man has freedom. Even in the most difficult situation, man has the spiritual freedom that no one can take away. This spiritual freedom is a gift that is endowed in man's being. This spiritual freedom is the freedom to respond and act in man's own way. An example on this is the very experience that Frankl had. Amidst being imprisoned, he decided to bear everything for him to able to be reunited again to his family in the future. In his determination to live amidst difficult situations, he still found meaning in his experience. Such response embodied his spiritual freedom. It is an act that many had failed to do in such situations.
This notion of man in acting his own way also amidst any situation is also called uniqueness. ...
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In life, many people expect great things to happen in them. Many people view life as a gift with full of happiness. But life seems to have its own course. In reality, life is full of trials and hardships. It is a ubiquitous reality that man suffers almost in a daily basis…
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