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This section asks you to outline your current career aspirations. You should identify your chosen occupation and job role within that. You may choose to differentiate between short, medium and long term aspirations."
"You should also identify the types of skills/competences that are required to be successful in this role (this must be supported by relevant sources and references), and your current strengths and weaknesses in relation to these skills/competences.


This is my short-term plan for the next 5 years.
An accountant must be very good at numbers, precise, analytical and willing to work in a flexible schedule. There are many occasions wherein one has to render overtime especially when a lot of transactions were made in a single day .It is a must for an accountant to have an over-all knowledge of accounting, finance, budgeting, cost control and the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).It is also important for an accountant to be updated with existing financial regulations on the federal as well as national level. It is important for someone who wants to be an accountant to be very patient in handling details. But aside from the technical work, it would also be good if I have good interpersonal skills since I have to deal with different people inside an organization. I need to do a lot of explaining about finance which is sensitive topic for most people. Moreover, I believe I should be very, very objective.
One of my strengths is the ability to persevere under trying conditions. I am a very patient person and this attribute would greatly help me in this career. ...
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