Interpersonal Relations in Management

High school
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People often decide on certin gols very erly in childhood. These gols re lrgely determined by wht we cll the "ego idel". For the norml personlity, the ultimte gol is the reliztion of the ego idel - to become your idel, whtever it might be. The problem is tht when the person is trying to rech the gol, he or she is seprting the self from the own present relity.


Creting idel imges of me nd the outer world is wht describes my personlity. I therefore, live in the present, nd reject who I m t the moment while concentrting who I wnt to be. Since it is impossible to rech the idel, I do not perceive the world s it is nd often disppoint in life. I my thus describe myself s nve person, but lso the one who enjoys life nd sees everything in the best colors.
My ego-self is constntly judging nd rejecting its rising stte nd trying to fit itself into certin idel. It is not just being where it is nd llowing itself to unfold freely. s result, it does not understnd where it is for it is invested in being somewhere in prticulr, being certin wy, or in stisfying prticulr idel. nd even if this idel is tken from spiritul techings, the sme mechnism of ego ctivity is in opertion. Trpped in the ego-self, I do not trust tht Being myself will tke me where I need to go.
2. Second, nd eqully importnt, is the bility nd willingness to be tem member, plying dily roles in such fshion tht the whole is lwys greter thn the sum of it's prts. It must be recognized nd ccepted tht no tem is ever stronger thn the wekest member, so tht ech member must be ssigned to mke full use of tlents possessed.
3. ...
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