Women's Migration

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This study was aimed at identifying the global care chain opportunities for women migrants and in the process how they are able to contribute to globalisation and to extend support for working mothers abroad, besides emancipation of themselves and dependant families back home.


Ultimately the study convinces that the women migrants are becoming empowered by migrating to first world countries and finding employment as nannies for working mothers.
Migration was until recently synonymous with men alone and women in migration as only followers of their men were invisible though they were also independently migratory. Migration of women was of no consequence as far as historians were concerned until Morokvasik M (1984) characterized women also as participants in the international migration process. The male authors treated both male and female migrators in male gender with the result women never caught the attention of the historians and anthropologists as an integral part of migration and independent of men Even women authors who began projection of women in the process have not been able to take the message out of women's circle. This dissertation aims to bring out the invisible women component as an integral part of globalisation and migration processes...This study seeks to fill the gaps in recognition of women in the transnational community.
The aim of this study is to examine how new chains of globalised caring work came about and empowered women in the process. ...
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