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Manchesters Bohemian Reminder

Finally Mari looked up after replacing the hood of his backpack and boomed, "Hey J, care to show me around Manchester"
Encountering the streets and the people, we affirmed how Manchester is famed for its tolerant, party-loving attitude and, Mari confessed from his experience at the university, the high-quality academic research.
This bohemian character must have what made the city top the "Boho Britain Creativity Index." Demos' new league table is based on a ranking system invented by American academic Richard Florida, and it used three indices to reach its conclusion. One, the city has a thriving gay community, which boosts the establishment of creative businesses due perhaps to openness to radical ideas and considerations. Another factor is the city's large ethnic minority population, clearly manifested by the transcultural element of Rusholme's Curry Mile. And the city has more applications to register new inventions per head.
I could not know how it was for him. To have walked our familiar streets then thinking that time would happen he would grow old here, and now knowing the same streets and realizing that he would be leaving it very soon.
"That would be dreadful, my man. You must not leave then, if that's the case." I tried to lighten him up, but I knew that a million reasons in the world will not be able to postpone his trip any longer. A different life awaited him in another country.
Had Mari been a tourist i ...
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When I opened the door to our room I was suddenly standing in the middle of clutter: almost full boxes of possessions, jumble of shirts, sneakers, books, and my roommate, Mari, on his bunk stuffing his backpack with all of the last remaining semester he has spent here at the university…
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