Genderism and Architecture - Research Proposal Example

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Genderism and Architecture

Where, then, does this leave the woman and the gay man Where is their place in their workplace How can they relate to other architects when the cards are stacked against them before they can even prove themselves worthy of the same privileged respect that straight men automatically receive by virtue of their being straight men Undoubtedly, there are many questions which this dissertation will seek to answer.
My research question assumes that, obviously in a straight male-dominated profession, women and gay men are going to be at odds in their careers. They will most likely be constantly harassed or worse if they cannot find ways of managing to adapt and/or deal with their work environment as architects.
Thus, it must first be proved that architecture is a straight man's domain. Then it will be envisioned what it would be like if everyone had the same opportunities in the field. Finally, both the plights of the woman and the gay man will be examined, after which conclusions will be drawn.
and Space (1996), where much of the feel of a house is designed depends on where furniture is placed; indeed, a "spatial-psychological device [can] also be read in terms of power, [and] regimes of control inside the house.
Reactions like these would be typical ...
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problem was, she was a woman and he was a gay man. In a world full of construction and men's men, she was not welcome and neither was he-because, let's face it, architecture is technically considered a profession for straight males.
Slowly, however, his dreams began to turn to dust when he realized he wasn't interested in the construction aspect of being an architect-he absolutely Hated construction with a capital H…
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