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Christian Bale, a British actor, sprung onto the silver screen and wowed audiences and critics alike. Not hailing from any renowned film family, it was a pleasant surprise and an amazing spectacle (Tiscali 2008) the way Bale proved himself with his intense acting skills and his extreme performances.


It was no wonder hen, that Bale himself soon followed in the family footsteps.
His father was fond of travelling, and the family moved excessively form place to place during bale's childhood (Tiscali 2008). This gave Bale exposure to many different interests and opportunities that developed his passion about acting.
His first major break was Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun in 1987 when he was still a child actor (Tiscali 2008). This was followed by a little rough career patch before becoming a hit in Little Women (Tiscali 2008).
As a child, his initial screen and stage appearances include "a part in a Pac-Man cereal commercial, a Lenor ad, and a West End stage debut" (Tiscali 2008). He was also a part of a theatre group at Reading (Tiscali 2008).
The focus film for my presentation is the The Machinist, which would be discussed in a greater detail than the other two films under discussion, to examine the extremes to which Christian Bale pushes himself, "both physically and mentally" (LA Weekly 2007), in order to completely lose himself in the character (LA Weekly 2007) and bring ...
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