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Personal Statement
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Teaching Design and Technology to sixth form students has really changed the way my life has formulated. Given my background and experiences, I have had a fulfilling ride towards the place where I stand today; moving onto what seems a promising future.
I originally left school at the age of 16 to serve an engineering apprenticeship with British Leyland.


Before starting a new course or new assignment I always attempt to reflect upon both my personal as well as professional practice. I cherish the way I have managed to nurture my career. I haven't always been a teacher at the college; I was originally employed as a gardener to maintain the college's numerous football pitches, trees and flower beds. My resume did reveal, however, several years teaching experience in Japan and an extensive background in engineering. It occurred to the administration one fine day that I could perhaps nurture the human mind better than plants.
We need to revisit our prior experiences and knowledge to illustrate that we have already taken the first difficult step towards evolution. 'Maximizing an experience' is, therefore, a progressive and reflective task that can be used to action plan further development.
I wish to augment upon my personal and professional development by pursuing an honours degree. I believe that the learning processes and the learning skills needed to obtain the degree are more important than the degree itself. I therefore aim to achieve more through the process of acquiring knowledge. Subsequently, the learnt skills can be transferred to both personal and professional contexts.
The desire now to achieve attainment at a higher ...
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