The Population in the United Kingdom

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The population in the United Kingdom has been consistently surveyed and recorded by the National Statistics. Any enthusiast can get hold of a copy online. Nonetheless, an in-depth study of the raw data will require mathematical and statistical treatments.


The frequency and percentage distribution turned that out of 60,975, there were 37,904 frequency or 62.16% lies within 16 to 64 male and 16 - 59 female age group bracket. This means that majority of the total population are not on the retirement age. However, there were 11,509 frequency or 18.87% lies along Under 16 age group bracket, and lastly 11,562 or 18.96% lies on 65m/60f/over age group bracket. This means that only twenty percent were on retiring age in Untied Kingdom and it also reveals that there is almost twenty percent of the United Kingdom population who are young.
Figure 1, or the first line graph presented in the appendix, 11728 out of 60975 belong to 45-59 age group bracket. This implies that this population though is quite near the retirement age. This is alarming, and may signal that something must be done in preparation for the coming year. Also, notable is that this is followed by age group bracket of 35-44 with 9248 which is very near the highest age group (45-59). On the other hand, the population distribution from 5-59 is very huge as compared to the age group 60 -94 which is very minimal. This implies that there was an increase in population, but there must be continuity to avoid having periods where most people are within or near to retirement.
It can be seen in table 3 the comparison of male and female population in Uni ...
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