Death Penalty Information Center. Web site Evaluation.

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The life of a human being, or for that matter any animate being, has an inalienable right of dignity and sustenance irrespective of whether social law dictates otherwise. According to this fact, no man has the right to kill another living being regardless of the intention.


The system of capital punishment is a brutal ideology, which instead of respecting the value of life, forces upon us an artificial perspective of legality which tries to prove that punishing a criminal with a similar crime is ethical. There are several groups and resources in and around the world that voice their disapproval of this method of punishment and which shows us clearly that even though the penal code of justice was designed by man to streamline society, many of its nuances do not have complete consent of the society it is trying to protect. Among the various websites advocating the abolishment of the death penalty, one which stands out is the Death Penalty Information Center having abundant information on the subject as well as all the ongoing campaigns being worked out in the various states of America. The choice of this website is based on the evaluation criteria that have been selected to judge its relevancy and results in the field of legal amendments to the section of the penal code on capital punishment. ...
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