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I currently work as a Deputy Direct in a well-known organization and recently (June 2006) completed my EMBA from AUB. My academic and educational background have provided me with an excellent foundation for Master's work in Public Policy and Management.
My desire to study Public Policy and Management stems from a diverse and eclectic number of sources.


Of particular interest to me is the opportunity to write a dissertation based upon my personal experience and case-studies of my workplace. Academic work that is based upon the dual foundations of scholarly theory and practical knowledge is perhaps the most powerful type of educational experience. I feel that this is particularly the case within a field such as Public Policy in which what is learned should have a close practical application to real world issues.
The fact that CeFIMS deliberately stresses the relationship between academic work and real-world problems makes it very attractive to me. I am particularly interested in those sections of the coursework that deal with decentralization of government programs and the policies that go along with them. Decentralization appears to be an excellent idea on a superficial level, but various problematic issues arise on closer examination.
The apparent dichotomy between "personal interest" and "career advancement" does not necessarily apply to my situation. To me the best career advancement involves an academic and personal background that involves personal interest. To be succinct, personal interest should drive one's career goals, as it is only through a passion for the subject-matter and practical nature of one's career that one can achieve the most. ...
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