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Gender Differences in Intelligence

Therefore, these theoretical orientations emphasize that over time, different sets of conditions may influence the changes in children's behaviour in different stages of development (Piaget, 1952). Both the maturational and psychoanalytic theories highlight the influence of these internal variables in development of intellectual acumen and behaviour of children in relation to age. From that perspective, early childhood development can be considered to be expression of inborn predispositions primarily, which is an invariant innate process. According to these theories, a child's learning and intellectual development proceed according to a prefixed biologically dictated plan, which could have been determined by the specifics of genetics at the moment of conception. Therefore individual variations in intelligence and cognitive abilities can be reflections of differences in genetic traits. These theories which emphasize the dominant and determining role of innate and internal biological factors as primary driving forces of early development can be categorized traditionally as nature side of developmental explanations. ...
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In general, developmental theories reflect the proportional extent to which nature and nurture are perceived to control the outcomes and course of development during the early years of life (Alloway, 1997). Contemporary theories consider the influences of heredity and maturation indicate the nature viewpoint, and influences of environmental and behavioural factors would designate the nurture position…
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