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Personal Statement example - Broken Dreams of the Soviet Times

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High school
Personal Statement
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Growing up and being educated during the Soviet times is different. The educational system is organized in three levels: Beginning level, secondary, and higher education. The beginning level or elementary school is from first to third class (from age 7). Secondary schools consist of eight classes (required completion of elementary school) and called Incomplete Secondary Education…

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Meanwhile, higher education institutions include degree-level facilities: universities, military academies, and institutes. Students who want to be admitted to a high education institution need to graduate from either General Secondary School (10 years) or a Specialized Secondary School.
I was able to complete my secondary education in 1977 with an average grade of 4.95 (maximum 5). This grade fuelled my desire of fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot. My eagerness made me feel that I am well-prepared and competitive for the education perspective. In the spring of 1977, I applied at The Chernigov Aviation High School. It was a tough experience; I had to undergo a rigorous medical examination and entry exams against 200 applicants. But I failed. I did not pass the last and very simple medical test. The surgeon pointed out that my x-shaped legs are unfit for someone who is privileged to serve as an Officer of the Soviet Military Aviation Force. The disappointment had put me off for a while but my ambition to fly prevailed. I enrolled at the Buguruslan Pilot School. In 1980, I finished the course obtaining a Lieutenant Military Rank, a diploma and a Civil Pilot License. ...
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