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Research Paper example - Time management

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Research Paper
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Ironically enough, I ran about 15 minutes late finishing this order for you. If this didn't upset your schedule, I would greatly appreciate it if you could extend the original deadline so that I am not assessed a penalty.
When I woke up this morning, I faced a common problem…

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I needed to get home for dinner by 7 or my dad would be angry, but another friend wasn't going to be working that night and she really wanted me to keep her company. At the same time, there was a movie coming out that night that I really wanted to see (and my friend didn't) and if I didn't do my laundry that night, I wouldn't have anything clean to wear tomorrow. In looking at my schedule and realizing that there just wouldn't be enough time in the day for me to get it all done - again - I realized that one of my biggest problems in life is a lack of time management.
One of the first steps in trying to solve this problem was to determine what kind of information I needed to gather in order to solve the problem. Some things were very concrete, such as my class and work schedule. You could say my dinner schedule was pretty concrete, too, except my dad would make exceptions to the rule if I just talked with him ahead of time. Other things, such as how much time I would need for homework, were flexible by someone else's standards. In other words, it depended on my instructors to determine how much homework they were going to hand out each night and when we were going to have tests. However, the syllabi that they handed out at the beginning of the term could give me an average amount of time per week that I would need for homework. ...
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