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Essay example - Digital technology

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Performing Arts
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Over the last ten to fifteen years there has been a revolution in special effects in movies and television. The use of computer generated imagery to create characters and environments has become the standard. This seems to be both a bad thing and a good thing…

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With his Star Wars prequel trilogy and his special effects company Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) he has pounded the movie industry over the head with an abundance (in some cases an overabundance) of digital effects. Nearly every shot in each of the three movies contains some kind of digital effect. The volume of work that was produced might lead people to expect a diminished quality of the work since there is so much that was being attempted. But the truth is that the art form of digital effects was improved by leaps and bounds. Beginning with Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the animation and rendering of skin and texture on digital characters and environments was a huge leap.
The techniques that were developed in that movie seem to have inspired many filmmakers since to use similar methods. Suddenly, things that were thought to have been impossible to do in a movie were now possible. Filmmaker Peter Jackson realized this, which was one of the reasons why he decided to make The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Digital effects aided him immensely in making his own trilogy.
Another way that the methods of George Lucas aided Peter Jackson's team was in previsualization. Previz, as it is usually called, allows a director and effects team to see what shots in the movie will look like before actual shooting begins. ...
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