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Movie Review example - Three Brothers

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Movie Review
Performing Arts
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In Three Brothers (1981), Francesco Rosi reveals how powerful can be memory. The main characters of the movie recall the unforgettable moments when they come back to his father's home and briefly reunite at their mother's death-bed. The visual effect of the importance of their gathering and their previous experiences is achieved with masterful performance of Philippe Noriet, Michele Placido, and Vittorio Mezzogiorno…

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Raffaele, Nicola, and Rocco, the three brothers, grew in their hometown in Puglia, but their life far from parents' home largely changed their views and made them idealists. Now, they all live far from home and have own occupations. Rosi's drama starts with the death of the mother and coming of three sons to her funeral.
Rosi shows that the death of the mother is perceived by each of the brothers almost in the same way; however, they all have other emotional issues that are pressing on them. The life in 1970s Italy, does not allow them to accept the things as they go because of their individual perception of widespread corruption, economic disparity, organized crime, delinquency, and domestic terrorism. Rosi uses fantasy to show brothers' dreams by underlining the idea that brothers' idealism pervades "the seemingly conflicting actions and divergent life calling of the three brothers as each strive to improve social conditions through dedicated service" ( The drama is grounded on the story of three estranged brothers.
Raffaele is the judge fighting terrorism. ...
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