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Essay example - Poets of the 18th century

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Performing Arts
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Gulliver's trip to Lilliput, for example, and his time at the tiny court, illustrates the various intrigues and mismanagement Swift experienced in the real world. As the ambitious Lilliputians fought to gain approval for an office, they danced on a rope held off the floor or were forced to jump over or crawl under a stick to demonstrate their ability to quickly adjust to the whims and desires of the monarch…

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Likewise, Gulliver's adventures in Laputa illustrate Swift's negative opinion of the general value of science produced by the Royal Society as the scientists and doctors of the floating city continuously spend their time involved in meaningless pursuits that bring benefit to no one. Finally, in his fourth voyage, Gulliver's encounter with the Houyhnhnms creates a strong commentary on the true picture of human nature in which the conception of war has not even been considered, much less worked out to the fine science Gulliver describes to his astonished hosts. "Ironically Gulliver's Travels, a book thought by most people as a charming book of adventure popular with children, is one of the most powerful attacks ever made against man's wickedness and stupidity. Swift's book is full of personal, literary and political allusions" (Taralunga, 2003: 135).
William Blake's poems typically focused on aspects of the human spirit as it comes in contact with authority figures, whether they be government or religious, as well as the joyful celebration of his idea of Christianity and humanity. ...
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